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take unhealthydoctors awesomely amazing Blind!ishi au and this frikken wicked headcanon and im all in

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i havent posted so i did this in like 15 minutes im sorry

i want them to get married n stuff kinda ship those 2 tbh omfg 

excuse my anatomy lmao

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pancakenommer Asked: Hey, if you're still doing requests, could you please draw Ishimaru and Mondo eating corncobs and Ishimaru imitating Mondo by putting a corncob on his head and acting like a huge dork? Only if you're still doing them ^__^


mondo cant handle being made fun of because he is an infant
at least ishimaru’s having a good time.

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me too mondo

(via marcobodt)

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so after ishi moves in with mondo in my au

they were having a nice breakfast and some swing song pops at the radio and ishi just stands up and dances and pulls mondo with him, of course mondo doesn’t know how to do it because he never danced with anyone before but eventually gets the hang of it and they do crazy shit like this and kind of break stuff around them but they don’t care they just go on with it and have a great time

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and so the healing process begins

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