ishimaru’s dad is a cop and still alive and its simultaneously the best and saddest thing ever

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au where the soapies shower scene and the ishimondo sauna scene are swapped

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Happy Birthday, Kiyotaka


I’m taking a small break from requests to write a birthday fic!! Sorry this is a few days late. 

Plot: Ishimaru has never really had a birthday, so Mondo throws him a surprise one. Really fluffy. Too fluffy for my own good I need to write more death probably

I guess warnings for mentions of bullying? Not much though

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ヒーロー像の違い | koracoid [pixiv] 

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Biker mondo and Policeman ishimaru with Chuck and Justice 

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 ロンパログ2 By あいし

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Ishi had no idea how to do that, so he dug up manuals and made notes. But even after a whole month he was still too nervous to convey his feelings >u>;;

Mondo saw him and knew that Ishi was struggling, but didn’t want to confess first because Ishi’s hard work would have been all for nothing, then. So he waited patiently and just watched over him when he wasn’t looking ouO„

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Mondo’s ultra nervous, but does his best for Ishi OuO„

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だんろん詰め3 by 渡空燕丸

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